Triple Bogey Brewing Co.

A light and refreshing premium lager dedicated to the great game of golf.  Founded in 2013 and brewed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada under the watchful eye of Geoff Tait (The guy that brought you the crazy collections of Quagmire) and a few of his buddies.

We have scoured the fairways to figure out what the golf fan is looking for in a beer. Cool, crisp and easy drinking were all popular suggestions and we listened!  Our extended aging also creates the smoothest refreshing lager. For the first time saying Gimme a Triple Bogey is actually a good thing!

More About Our Beer
Triple Bogey Beer Co.
Triple Bogey Golf Co.

Triple Bogey Golf Co.

We also know you still want some of those cool Quag type duds to wear on the course or chilling for on the back deck so we have you covered.  All our TB gear is made in Canada and we promise you will look good tipping back a few cold ones in whatever threads you chose. Uniforms, corporate and private label are also things that we love to do! Just let us know what you need!

Ask your local golf shop for the latest gear and flag down that beer cart girl to grab an ice cold, refreshing Triple Bogey beer. While it may not improve your “game” it’s a great excuse to chat her up.

More About Our Gear


July 14, 2014

LCBO starts to carry Triple Bogey

Along with over 120 courses in southern Ontario, you can now take Triple Bogeys home. View our current stores online.
Oct. 16, 2013

Online store open

For all those who just can’t wait to get some Triple Bogey gear in 2014! An easy way to get some beer gear and accessories to help you through the coming winter! Now you can shop anywhere and anytime.
July 22, 2013

Website launch

After much hype and speculation, our brand spanking new website is live! With great design and a ton of social features, you’ll never be in the dark with what Triple Bogey is up to! Oh, our e-store is just around the corner too.
July 18, 2013

First batch of beer is brewed

We tirelessly sampled as many beers as we could (tough we know!) to craft the perfect beer for on and off the course. This historic batch is the first of many. Can’t wait for you to get your hands, or should we say mouths, on it!
November 2012

Triple Bogey is Born!

What started as a fun idea quickly turned into a real passion. New company but with the same direction that you have come to love. Beer, Gear and a love for the game. Great things are ahead.