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(TBGOLF INC) Geoff Tait, formerly the driving force behind the trendy golf apparel brands Quagmire & Arnie, is back in business with a new (2013) venture, Triple Bogey Brewing and Golf Co.

“Triple Bogey is the new Quagmire” says president and founder Geoff Tait. “Building Quagmire was a great experience, we had a lot of fun, and very good run but, unfortunately, due to a partnership stalemate it had to be abandoned. It was a real shame to also lose the Arnie brand, but it was definitely an invaluable opportunity to work with Mr. Palmer and his team. That being said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s time to apply all of things I’ve learned to Triple Bogey. And why not? … Triple Bogey incorporates three of my favourite things – Beer, Golf and Fashion. It really is exciting to be back in the game and calling my own shots once again.”

One of those important lessons Geoff has learned is that he can not do it alone. Geoff is very stoked to have the creativity and determined work ethic of Paul Rezar back on board with the new venture. Paul was the mind behind Quagmire’s highly regarded graphic designs and executions. Paul will have an even larger role with the new company … responsibilities notwithstanding, sampling a few suds!

Another integral part of the team is apparel maker, Billy Kui. a Toronto based clothing manufacturer and good friend of Geoff’s. The two have teamed up over the years to bring you some of the highest quality, coolest threads … made right here in Canada. Quick turnaround on custom and corporate options are also on the docket for these guys as they strive to help bring the apparel manufacturing business back to Canada. “We need to support our industry locally and foster a true home grown economy. More money to buy beer!”, adds Geoff.

Last but not least, the beer! A lot of people have asked Geoff if he is down in his basement brewing the lager himself? While that would be fun, and is actually something he has done, this time he’s leaving that process to the pros. Triple Bogey has contracted Canada’s Craft Brewery of the year for 2013, Great Lakes Brewing Co. Well known for their base stable of flavours and brands in addition to a few fun seasonal and experimental mixtures, the crew at Great Lakes certainly know how to make Triple Bogeys on and now off the course. Geoff has worked quite closely with the owners and brewmasters at the brewery to come up with the nice, easy drinking lager recipe. Triple Bogey is a full flavoured, blonde lager that can be enjoyed on and off the course and is available in tall cans and on tap to start. There will be lot’s more fun recipes ahead for Triple Bogey but for now a nice, crisp refreshing lager is the first. Needless to say Geoff thoroughly enjoyed the sampling process and is quite confident Triple Bogey is a beer that can be enjoyed both on the links and/or the 19th hole patios everywhere.

When can you get a Triple Bogey?

Well we all know the answer to that… the next time you tee it up, if you play like most of us. Or if you were referring to the beer, which we are sure you were, the answer is very soon!

The Triple Bogey crew kicked things off at the Canadian Golf Journalists Association Tournament during the week of the Canadian Open. It was fitting to share the inaugural ’cheers’ with all of Geoff’s good friends in the press who have supported his brands throughout the years. “I’m actually really surprised at how great it really tastes” said Rick Young from Score Golf. Rick was obviously one of the ones that thought Geoff was brewing in his basement!

As for the rest of the beer drinking world, you’ll have to wait until Geoff and his crew stop in for a visit. Geoff and his team have hit the road with a few samples, and you may get a chance give it a try at your local club or pub! Sort of like a demo day … only better. Popular men’s leagues, and special events, including the Phil Kessel Right To Play Charity Tournament at the end of August, have been serving up Triple Bogey. The Triple Bogey team are very confident everyone is going to love it and in doing so, become an essential part of making it a staple on and around the courses, pubs, patios, and places where golfers frequent for years to come. Look for the brand to inject a little ‘life’ into the golf industry … together we grow the game.

Please let them know when a good time is – other than right now – to come by for a tasting if we haven’t been to your establishment already. Ah heck we can always come back.

Triple Bogey will also be available in select pubs and clubs throughout the winter. They also have their sights set on the shelves of the LCBO and Beer Stores … hopefully bringing golf inspired beer to the masses very soon.

As for the clothing ...

Geoff and his team are busy threading together a great made in Canada line that is fit for the fairways and perfect for the patios. Polos, tees, shorts, uniform gear, lids, beer swag are all on its way … along with ColourActive changing colour shirts for the kids! If you can’t wait find it in your local shop you can surf on over to, pick out a few of your new favourite designs – and start helping spread the word!

It’s never been so easy to swallow a triple bogey. As they say, ‘BETTER HIT ANOTHER’! The company is eagerly looking forward to putting a smile or two on the faces of golfers everywhere. Get ready to be part of the next biggest thing in golf.

Licensed facilities please contact the Triple Bogey sales team today AND OR if you’re just another beer lover looking for a great tasting premium lager inspired by the great game of golf be sure and follow @triplebogey and let them know what you think! #BETTERHITANOTHER

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Proudly made and brewed in Canada!