Founded in 2014 by Geoff Tait (the guy who brought you Quagmire Golf) and his wife Megan, Triple Bogey Brewing has come a long way since we filled and drank that first Can.

Brewed in London, Ontario, Canada, Triple Bogey now offers 3 year round full flavoured Lagers (Blonde, Light, Amber) and 1 seasonal Brew Called Hurry Hard for all those winter Curling enthusiasts. Learn more about our beers in the beer section. We know you will be impressed! Better yet go pick some up to try!

Not a Beer Drinker? Triple Bogey has also got you covered. The all new Triple Bogey Canned wine is a delicious white wine perfect for those hot summer days cruising the fairways or at your best friends BBQ. With our 250ml can and 9% Acl/Vol. you can’t go wrong. Learn more about our wine in the wine section.

We know how much you love the game so we brewed beers that are perfectly fit for the fairways! Whether you are cruising up the 18th or relaxing on the patio after a round, a Triple Bogey has never been this easy to swallow.

Cheers to the 19th hole and those beautiful summer days! Enjoy our crisp, refreshing lagers, (and wine)  crafted just for you.


Team behind Triple Bogey


The Legend




The Co-founder and President of Triple Bogey Brewing. Geoff and his wife Megan with their great crew have built Triple Bogey from the ground up and have never looked back. You may remember Geoff as the guy who brought you the stylish threads of Quagmire Golf or who worked with the legend Arnold Palmer himself. Geoff has been in the golf business most of his life and is very excited to be supplying the “Beer of Golf” to all of his old and new friends across Canada. Geoff has also worked at many great golf clubs such as RedTail and St.Thomas Golf Club and knows the support needed to make sure all your leagues, events etc are a great success. They don’t call Triple Bogey “Golf's Beer” for nothing! Geoff and the team are here to support your business if you support us!



Triple Bogey probably wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Megan. It all started in 2012 when the downfall of Quagmire Golf happened and Megan picked Geoff off the ground, dusted him off and got him a beer and said “What’ Next?” from there Triple Bogey was born. Since then Megan has worn many hats to make sure Triple Bogey is a success. From selling, samplings and of course taste testing’s to make sure it meets the standards, Megan and Geoff have worked together with the help of the TB Team to grow what was once a dream into a reality with the Triple Bogey products now being sold all across Canada. Megan has a great sales and marketing background working some worldwide sales agencies as well as working at great golf clubs across Canada. Megan needless to say is very excited about the addition of Triple Bogey wine, her idea that launched Spring 2019.


Vice President, Sales - Toronto to Brockville, north through Muskoka, Niagara and Collingwood

Charlie Guyatt is the man who has been with us the longest and it looks like he is here to stay (Unless he gets deported back to Australia, Ha!) Charlie started behind the wheel delivering your favourite TB suds for the past couple years. Charlie has done such a great job he is now the rep for East of the 404 to Brockville and all the way up through Muskoka and beyond. We realized we couldn’t let that Aussie accent go to waste so we added him to the sales crew and he is “bloody awesome mate.” Charlie loves golf and beer, so please don’t tempt him with either while he is on the road working!!!

Taylor Doiron

Newest member of the Triple Bogey team!

Sales Manager - Pickering to Ottawa, North to Haliburton


Creative/ Web Director

Also an original member of the Quag Crew Paul Rezar is in charge of keeping Geoff in line and bringing all their collaborative ideas to life. Paul is a critical member of the team and it just so happens he likes crushing a few pints and is known to be pretty well dressed while he is out making all those Triple Bogeys on the course, a perfect fit. Not an avid golfer but when he does, breathe easy course record, you have nothing to worry about.




Looking for our great tasting Triple Bogey/Hurry Hard beers in the West namely Alberta, Sask, BC, our friends and colleagues at Pure Global Imports will take care of you. So many great golf courses in Alberta are carrying Triple Bogey already and Pure Global Imports are just getting started. For a list of Alberta courses, Bars and Liquor stores carrying our beer click on our where to buy button. If you are interested in carrying the beer please drop them a line or give them a call.

Scott Roddick - scott@pureglobal.ca 403.630.0602

Brian Abra - Brian@pureglobal.ca 403.836.0808





Tap & Rail are our go to Sales Agency in Manitoba. If you are looking to carry any of the Triple Bogey products including Hurry Hard (In the winter) in Manitoba which many of you already are Brendan Pritchard the owner of Tap & Rail is the man with the plan. Please contact Brendan for any Manitoba inquiries. To see where the beer is sold in Manitoba already click the Where to buy button.

Brendan Pritchard - Brendan@tapandrail.com