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Triple Bogey adds Niagara VQA wine in a can to family

It’s Triple Bogey, of course, and since its inception in 2013, the innovative, niche-marketed beer brand brewed in Toronto, has been filling beer carts across the country as a go-to lager for thirsty golfers.

The idea to brew a delicious everyday beer that targeted golfers is the brainchild of Geoff Tait, above, a Toronto entrepreneur whose previous project was the multi-million-dollar golf wear company Quagmire Golf, noted for its cool and trendy golf attire.

Tait and his wife Megan (very top photo left, with David Stasiuk on the left), who quit her job to join the company when Triple Bogey began taking off, have added two more beers to the portfolio, Triple Bogey Light (3.9% abv) and Triple Bogey Amber (4% abv). Both follow a similar recipe to the Original Lager (5% abv) with an uncomplicated clean and crisp taste with low (under 20) IBUs.


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