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Beer for golfers builds a head of steam

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Geoff Tait admits that when he started his own brewing company, he knew little about making beer – except how to enjoy the final product.

It's one thing to have a refreshing beer but quite another to compete in a niche market. Mr. Tait, 35, launched Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Co. in July of 2013. His single product? A golf-themed blonde lager.

Response to his beer, called Triple Bogey and brewed on contract by Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Toronto, has been "unbelievable," he says. "I've gotten so many requests it's almost overwhelming."

Seventy-five golf courses in Ontario are ready to either pour Triple Bogey at their bars or sell cans to patrons. Mr. Tait aims to sign at least 25 more before golf season begins. In addition, two Toronto restaurants, including the trendy Rock Lobster just off Queen Street West, are offering it, with eight more in the queue.


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