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Beer & Golf – A Magic mix for Triple Bogey

Geoff Tait was sitting on his porch in Toronto’s Beaches area when the idea came to him – beer and golf … combine the two.

That was the launching point for Triple Bogey beer, which was soon being brewed. And as soon as golfers got a taste of the blond lager, sales began to skyrocket.

“I love drinking beer, I have beers on the golf course all the time,” said Tait, who was a co-founder of Quagmire Golf, a clothing company which knuckled under in 2012. “I saw the niche. We’ve been going with the pedal down and we can barely keep up. We’ve gone from golf courses ordering five cases a week to ordering 25.”

For Tait, it’s a natural.

“I’ve always had a passion for brewing beer and drinking beer,” he said. “I went to a couple of breweries and found one, Great Lakes. We got together, found a recipe and fell in love with each other. The beer is not hoppy, it’s a lager with more body than most. The whole point was to find something you can drink on a 25-degree day and be refreshed.”


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