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Hurry Hard lager aims to draw curlers

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Biters, buttons and brooms are working their way back into our winter lingo along with hog lines, hacks and Hurry Hard.

No, not the high-volume shout from skips to team members. Hurry Hard will be meaning something entirely different to many Ontario curlers, TSN couch potatoes and beer fans this season.

Hurry Hard is a fresh-on-the-market five per cent alcohol amber lager that’s Chapter Two in the beer-and-sports-marketing plan of Triple Bogey Brewing Company of Toronto, whose vice-president is a St. Thomas native and a 2005 Western University graduate with a long-term affection for both great lagers and the president of the brewery, husband Geoff Tait.

Golfers know Triple Bogey as a pleasant summer blond lager, calculated to console duffers on the 19th hole. The new Hurry Hard is the beer world’s complement to curling. It’s a beer that should get us nicely through a Canadian winter as it’s not so light as to make us pine for the Caribbean, and flavourful enough to remind us why we choose craft beers in the first place.


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