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Your customer wants variety

Since the last issue of Pro Shop magazine, Triple Bogey has exploded in Ontario, sold out once in Alberta (which we won’t let happen again), and shipped to PEI and Manitoba for another great summer ahead.

We wanted to thank you all for believing in, and getting behind, a family run, small business with a dream. We are so excited about how Triple Bogey is selling that we decided we are going to add a few more flavours to the mix in 2019: a light lager, an amber lager, and we may even have something special for the ladies.

We believe variety and support are very important, and so should you, while running a golf course. We touched on it a bit in the last issue: stay away from those so-called “exclusive” deals and if you do make one, be sure you know what you are really getting in return.


#BetterHitAnother #GolfsBeer

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